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March 15, 2017

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March 15, 2017

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Starting a Record Label...

January 3, 2017


So, we've decided to set up a record label!


A number of reasons have contributed to this decision. It's something that we've been toying with for a long time and with the current state of the music industry, there are a lack of opportunities available for unsigned musicians. There's no better time than now!


You hear about people 'setting up labels', but they don't really understand what it entails.


For example; you can release an album tomorrow if you want. An album of any audio content you desire; there are plenty of providers that you can pay a small fee to and they will place your album across all major music service providers, it's easy, but this misses the point of what a record label does. The true functionality of a record label is all but lost, and all that is left is the kudos of saying "hey, yeah I own a label".


So, from the start we have set out to do it properly, source proper distribution channels (both physical and digital), devise a business plan, source finance (this shit costs money! But we have been unsigned musicians for years, so there's nothing new there!) and most importantly we have wanted to grow our label around building a scene locally, of like minded musicians, a collective if you will.


Drawing heavy inspiration from the ethos and the evident sustainability of labels such Sub Pop and Epitaph, it has given us the motivation we need to go it alone.


We hope to continue to work alongside, and build upon our relationship with all of the amazing independent labels, promoters, bands, managers and other music related companies that we have had the pleasure of meeting along the way.


Now is not the time to chase the elusive 'Major Label' deal...We haven't relied on that idea for years. It's not (in the most part) a sustainable way to look at our music career, the main advantage of a 'major label' investment is the marketing and financial clout that they have, but we are always quick to remember that everything you are given financially by a 'major' label, has to be recouped FIRST before you make any money, so you as an artist will be in debt....let's be honest, if you're in a band to make loads of money and become 'famous', then you're about 20 years too late, and don't really have a grasp of how the business is operating today.


A lot of our favourite bands still work full time jobs, and if they don't, they struggle to make a living. This isn't negative thinking, this is being realistic.


We all know the stuation, the Dream: To turn up and play shows in front of thousands of adoring fans, who hang on your every word… Touring the world, and getting paid handsomely to do so.


The reality: Turning up to play shows in front of two people, who you try to convince to become your adoring fans. Touring the country, getting paid nothing to do so, trying to avoid getting ripped off.


We've had the great nights playing in front of a room full of people, being courted by major labels, and being promised the earth by the “guy who used to know a guy”, but we've also learnt that it isn't always about these people, or those promises, it's about us and our future and being in control of what we love doing.


We have never believed that it will happen overnight. That kind of ‘success’ only happens on overproduced karaoke shows, put on for one reason only, to make money. They don’t care whether you are the most talented person on earth. In a heartbeat they will drop you for the next big thing. Remember this: it is the ‘Music BUSINESS' (note the word which is in capitals).


You see, to be a genuine unsigned musician, you have to want to keep on honing your craft, and you have to want to play every show offered, no matter how pointless. You have to accept failure and knock backs, in bucket loads. You ultimately have to love what you do, and believe in it, because without that, you may as well just lie down and let real life take you, kicking and screaming…


So why not set up a label? Why not control what we release? Why not?



Join us for the ride, like / follow our social media pages, check back for updates, and support new music!


Big Love and Zombie Hugs xx




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